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Book events at Diss Publishing Bookshop & Café
Here at Diss Publishing we host a variety of book events including signings, talks and children’s activities covering a wide selection of interests.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our forthcoming events.

Book signing - Heather Maisner
Saturday 29th October, 11am-1pm

Diss Publishing Bookshop is pleased to welcome Heather Maisner, author of Dinosaur Douglas and Bedtime for Little Bears, back to Diss Publishing on Saturday 29th October from 11am-1pm. Heather will be signing copies of her new history book for young adults, 20th Century Russia: A Century of Upheaval, as well as copies of her books for younger children.

20th Century Russia Bedtime for Little Bears
Dinosaur Douglas

1917 saw one of the most dramatic revolutions in world history when the workers of Russia united to throw out their tsar and aristocracy, and formed the first communist state. A century later, this book reflects on the reasons for this revolution, key people, events and its legacy. Illustrated with archive photography, posters and artefacts, and supported by eyewitness accounts, this book explores Russia's century of upheaval. It considers how change affected not only people such as Lenin, Stalin and Tsar Nicholas II, but also the ordinary Russians. Though primarily for children aged 12+, this book is also a great gift for anyone who would like to know more about Russian history.


Book signing - Pip Wright
Saturday 5th November, 11am-1pm

Diss Publishing Bookshop is pleased to welcome Pip Wright, author of Whistlecraft, back to Diss Publishing on Saturday 5th November from 11am-1pm. Pip will be signing copies of his new local history book, on the true story of Rickinghall poachers.

The Whistlecrafts of Rickinghall were a notorious family of poachers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Their court appearances ran to over two hundred. Joe Whistlecraft in particular is still well remembered today. He served over twenty years in a number of prisons, including three spells in Dartmoor. His crimes spanned from the most trivial right up to murder. In 1930, he was acquitted at the Suffolk Assize, having been accused of killing a gamekeeper at Burgate, an offence he almost certainly was guilty of. Later in life, he would be asked to become a keeper himself. The book is written as a novel, told from his perspective.

One Fine Summer's Night

Book signing - Kevin Price
Saturday 19th November, 10am-4pm

Diss Publishing Bookshop will be hosting local author, Kevin Price, to sign copies of his children's picture books including his latest story 'One Fine Summer's Night' in the shop on 15th October from 10am-4pm.

What happens when the sun goes down and the moon comes up on a summer's evening? A young boy ventures to the woods on a moonlit summer's night to discover the fascinating nocturnal creatures that aren't normally seen during the day. A charming, rhyming book.

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