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Book Events At Diss Publishing Bookshop & Café
Here at Diss Publishing we host a variety of book events including signings, talks and children’s activities covering a wide selection of interests.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our forthcoming events.

France Demetriadi - book signing
Saturday 25th June, 11am-1pm

Sophie and the Green Apple

Diss Publishing Bookshop is delighted to announce that France Demetriadi will be signing copies of her book, 'Sophie and the Green Apple', in store on Saturday 25th June, from 11am-1pm.

A little girl called Sophie makes friends with a green apple. Their peaceful frolics are interrupted, however, by a blackbird who thinks green apples are for eating instead. What can Sophie do to save her friend?

Wendy Goult - book signing
Saturday 16 July, 11am-1pm

Chain Reaction

Diss Publishing Bookshop will be hosting local author, Wendy Goult, to sign copies of her novel “Chain Reaction” in the shop on 16th July, from 11am-1pm.

“Do you believe or even think there might be life after death?” We all have our opinions on this conundrum. Chain Reaction takes up the challenge in admirable style and gives an acceptable insight into what it could be like to be 'on the other side'. We follow the chain of events that occur after Kate Maple arrives in her after-life with no recollection of how or why it happened and who killed her. The story weaves through the lives of friends, family, witnesses and suspects exposing vulnerabilities and associated threats. This is no sugary, endless fields of flowers, birds and butterflies tale but draws the reader into a story of illicit love and secrecy, a love betrayed and a rage that takes away all reason but which ultimately leads the reader into a sense of wellbeing.

Rosy Thornton - book signing
Saturday 23 July, 11am-1pm


Diss Publishing Bookshop will be hosting local author, Rosy Thornton, to sign copies of her novel 'Sandlands' in the shop on 23rd July, from 11am-1pm.

Sandlands is a collection of linked short stories, all set in and around the small village of Blaxhall in the sandlings of coastal Suffolk, which celebrate the area's landscape and cultural heritage.

The enigmatic Mr Napier is feeding a fox rescued from the floods, an owl guards a cache of long-lost letters, a nightingale's song echoes the sound of a loved voice and in a Martello tower on a deserted shore Dr Whybrow listens to ghostly whispers. A common thread emerges binding the stories, of the past unexpectedly intruding on the present and how generations of lives intertwine.

Pauline Manders - book signing
Saturday 30 July, 11am-1pm

Utterly Knotted

Diss Publishing Bookshop will be hosting local Suffolk author, Pauline Manders, in-store on Saturday 30th July, from 11am-1pm.

The crime series draws on Pauline's love of the Suffolk countryside and stretches from Stowmarket to Wattisham and Bury St Edmunds, to name a few! The main protagonists are apprentice carpenters who become drawn into solving Suffolk murders – a witty and fast paced local crime series.

Pauline will be signing copies of the latest in the series, “Utterly Knotted”. Please come and join Pauline in-store at Diss Publishing Bookshop.

Terence Blacker - book signing
Saturday 6 August, 11am-1pm

Racing Manhattan

Diss Publishing Bookshop is delighted to announce that Terence Blacker will be signing copies of his new book, 'Racing Manhattan' in store on Saturday 6th August, from 11-1pm.

Jay Barton has spent her life being mocked for her tomboy ways, all she wants to do is ride her favourite pony, which belongs to her much wealthier cousin. But then Jay shows a talent for winning the illegal pony races her uncle takes her to, and he starts to push her to take more and more risks.

At 15, Jay decides to run away, to live the life of a stable hand. Her fortunes are changed when she meets Manhattan, a pedigree grey racehorse who has used up all her chances and is now neglected and despised. Jay fights to give Manhattan one last opportunity to show she is the champion she was born to be. Together, they face a world of prejudice and cruelty and fight back the only way they know - by becoming the best.

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